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Back to School Hairstyles

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For both ladies and men, the time for back to school is a reason to rebirth your style. With a new set of clothes and those perfect shoes, why not complete the look with a hair style sure to keep everyone jealous from period to period.

Men and Their Hair

If there is one hair style that seems to have remained popular it is the style we will call the Jonas. The Jonas Brothers are not just popular with the ladies, but with the guys as well. All over the school yards, guys with curly hair who once kept their locks short, are allowing those curls to show thanks to the popularity of the natural curl. This style is easy to maintain with a little leave in conditioner and a cool hair dryer on low. The key is to not over dry the hair, but to stop about 5 minutes before the locks are totally dry and allowing them to dry to a natural lustrous curl for those last 5 minutes.

Ladies and Their Locks

Ladies, the sky is the limit when it comes to hair and hair styles this year. The most popular look out there seems to be the natural, straight cut. There are some with bangs, others with layers but all hair seems to be long and flowing. The up styles are half hearted and seem to be lacking care, but in all reality this is the purpose of the style.

So, in the mornings, if there is just not enough time to create the perfect do, why not try throwing your hair into a soft bun or a hand pulled pony tail. When all else fails, use a shine product on those tresses and leave the rest to Mother nature.

Every year when the first school bells ring, there are new styles and new fashions to compete with. This year, if hair is your passion, try leaving your natural hair alone and be yourself. The more natural the hairstyle looks, the more fashionable you will be. A forced style sprayed with a ton of FREEZE will just not impress the ladies or the gentlemen of your school.

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im not understanding this article. i wanted instructions on hair styles. ahh well..
for anyone with curly hair my advice is dont brush it in the morning what i do is simply wake up curl a few strands and im ready to go in 10 minutes. brushing curly hair makes it look poofy and frizzy
you should cut your hair in layers
i am i medium lengthed straight brunette seeking a new and exciting new hairstyle. Im also looking for some highlights too. Can anyone help on what i should do for my style and color problem????
if you have shright hair you dont have to use a curler because there is a trick
patty smith07-02-2009
i have long curly hair but i have no idea on how to take care of it because any products that i have used work for the first hr. but after that my hair looks big and frizzy. what can i do???
These tips are awesome thanx!!!!!11
i need help i want to impress people with a new hair style but i dont know what to do
finley swick01-25-2009
i haate long hair and my friends love it and so do my parents i want it short not long HelP!!!!!!
kimmy kimmz11-04-2008
my hair is really nice it has locks but i just have no idea what to do with it it to hard to plat it ciz its to long .HELP!!!
Phoebe Rain10-28-2008
I have big huge locks on the bottom and on the top itz totally frizzy so i use ausey anyway im sick of huge frizzy yet cute locks i want strait moistened fair but itz just 2 much 2 straiten itr every single day even just 1 day what can i do and do perms dry your hair alot
Toot Toot10-20-2008
i have long hair and i hate it but everyone says they want it. what can i do with it to make it look more interesting.
how do i get my hair long quickly without putting extensions
what if your natural hair isnt pretty? mines just boring and not even wavy, its a mixture of straight and not beautiful. it just looks like i tryed to straighten my hair and missed a ton of pieces.
caitlyn greer10-14-2008
amazing im going 2 get my hair like that.
omg great article and thanks for tha tips!!!
my hair is light n dark brown it goes up to my but i want to cut it but my parents wont let me im so pist
I Have Short Hair About Just Above Shoulder Length & I Dont Know What To Do With My Hair At All ? HELP
what do i do with my hair... i wonna look hot for school...!!
this look is very good
i love it!!!
it looks ok i dont have blone hair i got brown it as some red and a little blone but mostley brown my aunt has red i dont know how i have blone i dont think it would look good with my hair cause mines mostley brown and its long!!!
and what do i do with long/short......aka meadum hair
what if you hair is staiten and curly both and it look really bad......then what do you do
what if you have medium length straight hair? What do you do then?
its cute..buh what abt ppl with curly hair...:-(
yeah what if your hair if curly then how do you wear it??
i have straight short hair with a flip at the bottom......idk if layers will work.
it looks like she had a bad hair day and they want us to go out like that , it will look like your mom did your hair .... BORING !!!!!!!
what the heck, what if your hair is curly and straitening it kills it, then what are you supposed to do...god
i think its cute
all others stup09-23-2008
I actually like it!!!!!!
lovin it
looks really one goes to school like that... my hair looks better after i wake up fom bed that that.
i dont like it.
its cute
She looks creepy... What is up with those bangs????
that hair is UGLY!!!!!
same here i dont like it
Its way too choppy looking for me.

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