Choosing the Right Clothes for Your Body
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Spring Fashion Week 2009

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Since it is back to school time, it is time for everyone to get a lesson in what to wear. Even thought there are thousands of different styles to choose from, not everyone looks good in everything available. First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you are wearing the right type of clothes for your body.

The biggest mistake that people make when choosing clothes is to buy clothes that are either too tight or too short. Remember that shoes with straps will shorten your legs, high collars shorten neck, and even a short necklace can shorten your neck. While there is no physical difference, the perceived look will change a personís look entirely. This is why people are always advising you to where vertical lines to look thinner and longer. It really is just a trick of the eye, but it works.

The next factor in choosing the right clothes is to find clothes that will emphasize your best features. Thin fabrics will be slimming, but youíll need tanks or camisoles for underneath. Wearing clothes that fit is a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people donít do that. And make sure to carefully choose your accessories for each outfit that you wear. Too many accessories or ones that are too large may give the image that you are too big.

And if you want your clothes to look right when you have them on, you will want to have the right underwear under those clothes. A good bra will be able to help you fill out any top, especially one that emphasizes the chest. And visible panty lines are a big no-no, so women usually choose to wear thongs or boyshorts in order to avoid this fashion disaster.

And to keep your clothes looking great, you will want to make sure that the clothes you buy have the best quality and that you look after your clothes so that you know how to wash them and take care of them best. And to keep clothes around for years, try to avoid the hip and trendy fashions for basic pieces. This way, you will always have a base to work with and you can add trendy shoes and accessories with the changing seasons.

Getting the right look does not always have to mean getting the trendiest clothes. What you wear says a lot about you, so you will want to have a more timeless look.


thanks for the warm advice! =)
what about my actual body shape. how do i no wat body i have.
[email protected]@10-28-2008
nice to know... before its too late...!
very vague
nice topic thanks!!
This article is pretty vague. Not helpful at all, unless you are a hobbit.

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