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Homecoming 2008 Prom Dress Example

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There are a lot of different choices for what to wear at homecoming, so you will want to really decide on what to wear according to your style and taste. First though, you will want to remember that most high school homecoming dances or semi-formal to formal. This narrows your options a little, but you still have plenty of wiggle room to be creative.

If you already know who your date is going to be, you can have coordinate outfits. Most of the time, this can be done so that it doesnít look geeky or tacky. For example, if you homecoming dress is pink, have your guy wear a tie that will either compliment your shade of pink, or a tie that has that shade of pink in it. But going all out and making him wear a matching suit will be a little too much.

If you are not going with a date or do not know who your date is yet, you can still pick out a killer dress that will be perfect for the occasion. Since you donít want to look like you are going to prom (that will come up soon enough), you will want to stay away from any dress that screams prom dress. Instead, you will want to go with a dress that is at least at your knees.

Color and style are where you can really get creative. And if you know what type of prom dress that you want to get later on in the year, you can use your homecoming to experiment with an opposite style. Try an off-the-shoulder dress or strapless. Then you will know if that type of dress works on your or not, and you probably wonít have spent as much money on it as your prom dress. So if you donít like it, youíll be that much more aware of the style that best works for you.

Guys will also want to pay attention to what they wear too. While they donít have to get dressed up in a tuxedo, they will still need to look good so that their girls wonít get embarrassed. Guys should wear at least a jacket. Some schools require a tie as well, but you will have to consult with the homecoming committee at your school to find that out. Guys should make sure that if they are wearing a tie, it will compliment their shirt. No one wants to see a great looking guy in a clashing outfit.

No matter what you wear, you will want to feel comfortable in it. That is the key to finding the right outfit for homecoming, prom, or any other semi-formal occasion you will be attending.

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ok ummmmm my date is shorter than me its casual and all me jeans are tight legged and yea i have polos and stuff but idk what to do
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this is a good article but i think you should do a quiz for what typr of dress is right for you.

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