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Donatella Versace Fashion

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It seems that in the world of home fashion, Versace has decided to expand the creative juices and travel the world looking for inspiration for the hottest and most intense home fashion choices. On the journey, the Versace house of fashion hopes to expand the current selection of home fashion to something extraordinary and beyond all other home styles.

Versace is known for clothing fashion, but they also design and create home fashion. On the trip around the world Versace chose the best and the brightest fashions to display in their 15th century show apartment. The apartment was divided off into places from around the world and offered a touch of style from every destination on the path to fashion.

From Los Angeles to Rome, China to Tokyo home fashion varies greatly and Versace was able to touch every small hint of design. In recent years, Donatella Versace has moved the signature Versace line away from the glittery golds into a more refined sense of style. The decision to remake the Versace name has changed the name to a more wearable line that every person can feel comfortable donning. This refined color scheme has given the Versace name and fashion line a rebirth sure to last many years to come.


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