When to Start Shopping for Homecoming
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Homecoming Dress Shopping

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Girls and guys alike will be shopping for that perfect outfit for homecoming soon. Even though you may have just started school in the last couple weeks, it is important to think about homecoming. Even if you are not sure who your date is yet, you can be sure that whoever it is, you will want to look good standing next to them. The key to getting the right dress for the occasion, and getting it early.

How early should you start shopping? Well, it depends on when homecoming is. You know that many of the girls going to the festivities will be shopping anywhere from two weeks to the afternoon before homecoming. This is when you will run into a mob of people trying to get everything that they need. The right sizes may be out of stock, you can’t find shoes to match—it can really be a mess.

Shopping without hassles and with the time to spend looking for the perfect dress should start at least three weeks before homecoming activities start, especially if you are a little bit shorter or taller than the rest of the girls. This will give you time to find the perfect dress and have any alterations made to it that you could need.

When you want to shop for a dress, you usually want to start with the dress. This way, you will know exactly what shoes, purse, and other accessories to buy so that they compliment your dress. It is much harder to try and find a dress that will match a bag or shoes.

Another good idea while you are shopping early is to bring someone with you, preferably someone who is willing to run your digital camera. If you try on two dozen dresses in an afternoon, you may not remember what they all look like on you. Have a friend or your mom take pictures of you in each dress, and then review the pictures to help you decide which one looks best.

Remember that shopping for homecoming should be fun, and you will have plenty of opportunities to shop for another dress at prom time, so try not to make it a stressful event. Otherwise, it will make your whole homecoming experience a lot more work and a lot less fun. So focus on the fun part of shopping, and stressing out about the right dress will no longer be a factor.


My mom and I always keep our eyes open for formal dresses year round. I got my prom dress for Junior year the summer before my Sophomore year and it fit perfectly.

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