Top 10 Fall 2008 Fashion Trends
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Fall 2008 Fashion Trends

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Fall 2008 is approaching, and with the dawn of a new season comes the dawn of new fashion trends. Here’s to the top ten fashion trends for Fall 2008 as dictated by New York’s Fashion Week!

· Flashy Accessories: Any accessory that makes you stand out in a crowd is more than likely enough to be considered a flashy accessory. To follow this trend, wear big necklaces, bracelets and rings with outlandish patterns.

· Fantasy: Sheer fabrics with chain link or checkered like patterns woven in, and medieval looking ensembles are what you need to consider yourself part of this trend.

· Color: The trend is actually juicy color, so in order to follow this trend you will need lots of deep purples and reds, or greens and yellows. Use your best judgment for what to wear in this trend.

· Textures, Floral, and visually intriguing prints: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Find patterns that you like with colors that look good on you, and surely you’ll find something that classifies under this trend.

· Tulle & Crinoline: As with the previous trend, this one is self-explanatory as well. Find and wear these fabrics in colors and cuts you enjoy, and you’re part of this trend.

· Big Hair and Wild Make-Up: Change your hairstyle and add some extra make up or do something to make it a little more unique (something that you don’t generally see) and you have got this trend down well. This one seems to fade in and out with time.

· The color grey: Simple enough, right? This seems strange as juicy colors are also a fashion trend, but either way you go, your “in”, so that is definitely a bonus.

· Booties: Also included in this trend are “non-boots.” If you do not know what these are, do not try to get in on this fashion trend.

· Feathers, Ruffles and Bows: Add these accessories to your outfits, tie in some juicy colors and big accessories, and you are mastering three trends at one time!

· Menswear Inspired Fashion: Now you get to wear the business suites and tuxedo like outfits men do, but you get to add the feminine flair with the cut of the fabric, the colors, and accessories you choose.

Not all trends on this list will appeal to everyone, of course. Use your best judgment and your own fashion tastes this Fall!


Really Helpful Thanx!
Sorry but thats gayy, who would want to put leaves in their hair.
its a vry descriptive article however u did not lay any emphasis on the style of people with larger faces and figures and i would appreciate it if more pictures were on display,so that i can hav a clearer view of the trends this in al it was a wonderful article keep it up.i am waiting for the winter selection .more grease to ur elbows

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