Spring Fashion Tips For A Casually Dressed Man
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The plants are blooming and nature is slowly coming back to life. The bright colors of nature, are hinting towards what promises to be a warm summer. But how, can you make sure to look great this spring? With these easy tips, youíre guaranteed to be the most pleasing piece of male eye-candy this spring season.

A warm summer isnít the only thing that natureís colors are hinting towards. You should take these colors as a base for what you should be wearing. Donít worry so much about different types of clothing; instead, focus on amplifying the colors of the same type of clothes that you already wear. The main idea to keep in mind this spring is that most people appreciate a subtle, well-dressed man over a completely extravagantly dressed man in bright, fluorescent colors.

You should wear clothing that is the color of the clear blue sky, the bright green grass, and soft brown earth. You should be focusing on powdery, fresh colours. This way you will be making sure that you donít completely stand out in a crowd as someone who is dressed ridiculously, but you will still stand out, somewhat. By focusing, on simple, almost predictable colors, you will look much better than someone who is trying to deliberately attract attention by wearing flaming colors, or improper clothing.

Donít focus so much on darker colors; spring represents a new beginning, the beginning of the bright, warm summer, and you should dress accordingly. A pair of gently faded, light jeans and a powdery blue coloured shirt will go a long way this spring. Also, donít be afraid to deliberately clash neutral colors with reds, yellows, and greens as this will be head-turning without being completely excessive.



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