Finding Your Perfect Swim Suit
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Finding Your Perfect Swim Suit

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Swim suit season is upon us once again. Time to pull out those swim suits and head for the beaches, but how do you choose the swim suit that is right for you. There are several different body types and each has a swim suit style which works best for that particular body type. There different body types are apple, pear, round, hour glass and athletic/ slim.

First up is the apple body type. This is the person who is top heavy. The perfect swim suit for you is the tankini. It provides the upper body support that you require. It also can accentuate your lower half while minimizing your top half.

Next is the pear shaped body type. You are the opposite of the apple. You are heavier on the bottom than the top. To minimize your bottom buy swimming suits with dark colors on the bottom or try adding a shirt to your swim suit. Draw attention to your top half with a halter top style.

Round, you have the worst time finding a swim suit. You are heavier in your mid section. You need to find a swim suit that has lots of tummy control. Feel free to find one with a skirt or higher neck line if this makes you feel more comfortable.

Hour Glass you are the envy of us all. There is not a swim suit you could not wear. The sky is the limit for you. Find one you love and accessorize how ever you like.

Athletic/ slim you have a very thin body type with very few curves. You should go for the bikini and wear a top with a push up style.

No matter what your body type shop around for the perfect swim suit. Find a swim suit you love and feel comfortable in. Let this summer season be the summer you looked your best at the beach.


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