Spring Fashion Tips for the Casually Dressed Woman
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Spring Fashion Tip - Bright Colored Dress

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If you are like many women this spring, you are trying to look decent and respectable but still look attractive in what you’re wearing. Follow these guidelines, and you are guaranteed to look new, fresh, and excellent this spring of 2008.

First of all, colors this spring matter greatly, especially for women who wish to be respectably dressed and subtly attractive at the same time. This spring, you should be wearing colors that are bold like yellow, pink, orange and powdery purple. These are the colors you will see on the stars who are classy and divine.

The second tip for women this spring is to wear a shirt paired with a tank top underneath. This will provide the perfect balance between conservative and head-turning, and is a must this spring. Making a come-back from the 70s, the tie-dyed look is increasing in popularity, and paired with a thin belt can give you the perfect look that you’ve been searching for, and the attention you deserve.

Finally, you should also wear high-waist pants, even if they’re just jeans; high-waist pants are also making a comeback, this new spring season.

As for accessories, this spring, your main accessory should be flowers. You can put flowers in your hair, on your dresses…Anywhere that you could use an accessory, you should use a flower. Nice bright, yellow or pink flowers in particular will accentuate the bold colors of your tops and will leave you looking like beautiful Mother Nature herself.

On a final note, one absolute must-have this spring is a sequin. When worn with a skirt or even a dress, this will complete your look and leave you a stunning, piece of eye-candy. So follow these tips, and prepare to be amazed at how well-dressed you will be this spring.



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