Celebrity Photo Tricks - Makeup Tips and Modeling Tips for the Camera
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Preparing the face for a photo opportunity means more than just having clear and beautiful skin. The proper makeup and makeup application techniques are needed to achieve that flawless face look even for a closeup. The makeup and tools needed to create a photo friendly face are one you already have, you just need to know how to use them.

Foundation is the first step in preparing the face for a photo opportunity. Foundation should be applied sparingly. It is best to use the fingertip to place small spots of foundation on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Using either a blending brush of a foundation sponge, work the foundation away from the center line of the face and toward the ears, hairline and neck.

After applying your foundation, conceal those tough spots with a blue concealer. Blue reflects light and gives a brightness to the face. Don't worry, the blue will not show through your final makeup set or on camera.

The concealer should be topped with a neutral pressed powder. Make sure to carry a loose powder with you to reapply before the photo opportunity. Camera flashes reflect off of skin shine and the perfect photo has no reflections.

The canvas is primed and ready for some fantastic finishing touches after the application of powder. Blush brings life back to your face and it offers a chance to warm the bland tone you just created. Blush should be applied in the perfect spot and blended in order to achieve that “blushing” look. In order to find the perfect spot to apply the majority of your blush color, make a fist and rest the thumb side of the fist on the cheekbone. When the bone nestles snugly in the middle of the fist, you have found your cheeks apple. Apply the blush to the apply of the cheek and blend back toward the ear and forward toward the nose.

With cheeks in place, the eyes are next. Unless your photo opportunity calls for extreme shadow, things should be kept natural and neutral. Apply eye makeup in a three part series starting the the lightest color all over the eye, moving to the middle color on the lid and the darkest color under the brow line. Blend the eye shadow toward the outer line of the face.

Finishing the eye with a little mascara is sure to add just the right touch to the final photo. Picture perfect eyes need to be wide eyes and applying mascara to the top line of lashes only will achieve this effect. Make sure to apply the mascara in one stroke, after the mascara dries it will clump if you try to apply a second coat.

The final step is lip color. Luckily, all lip color looks wonderful on camera. Choose a lip color that best suits the style of your dress or the attitude you are trying to portray in your photo opportunity. One simple tip, line the lips with a liner that matches the lip color. The liner will prevent your lipstick from bleeding on to the face.

Putting your perfect face forward for that special photo opportunity means taking a little extra time and care with every step of your makeup application. Cameras speak volumes and capture every flaw. Make sure the next time you have a chance at a photo opportunity, you leave everyone speechless.

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