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Fashion Trends 2012

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The fashion world – especially that of luxury or designer fashion – is a quick paced one that changes with the seasons. Because of this, it can be very difficult to keep up with the times, as many styles go out of fashion as the seasons, and the weather, change. However, it is possible to keep a good fashion awareness and buy clothes that you can wear the next year. In order to do this, there are some tricks that you need to use for the coming 2012 Fashion Year.

First, target your purchases on moderate styles. Moderate styles are ones that survive from season to season. While these are often considered ‘boring’ by some, these styles are the core of any wardrobe and are used when the fashion trends are shifting or if individuals want to limit how much they are spending on their clothes. By staying with moderate fashions, it is possible to have designer clothes that can be worn year after year. However, do not make the mistake of constantly wearing the same designer dress over and over again. This is as large of a mistake as wearing clothes or styles that clash. Variety that matches your personality is as important as picking clothes that appeal to the current styles.

If you are trying to be at the cutting edge of fashion, there is typically one rule that must always be followed. This is ‘money talks’. Designer brands are often rated by their costs in addition to their appearance. You can significantly change the impressions of individuals if they know that you are ‘in the money’. This is especially true with fashion. While there are knock-off brands and designers, if it is discovered that you are wearing a knock-off where the brand named fashions are in high demand, this can easily ruin your reputation. High, or luxury, fashions focus on the money and prestige as much as it does on the appearance of the clothes.

That said, it is possible to still be fashionable on a budget. While wearing brand name clothes can help, making smart choices about the appearance of your clothes and accessories can fool general perceptions. At the end of the day, you need to wear what makes you comfortable. Someone comfortable with their attire can get away with more when it comes to fashion. These individuals do not allow the fashion to define them, but use their fashion as a tool of expression. So dont be afraid to express yourself with you fashion choices in 2012!

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