How to Make Uniforms look Fabulous
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Ah yes, it seems that our society of conformity still wants to decide for us what to wear on occasion. So be that whether it is a school uniform, work uniform, or whatever you need to wear uniform, uniforms can make the most stylin stylistas a little cranky. But fret not fashionistas, if you have seen even a few seconds of Gossip Girl, then you know, making it your own is what it is all about if you are stuck in the uniform grind. Here’s how to make them work.

You may not have as much flexibility to be fabulous Blair Waldorf did in her Constance Billiard days, but you can still take a few cues from the Gossip Girl! Consider accessories your new best friend, and your best chance at expressing your personal style without Sister Mary Frances getting her panties in a bunch.

Let's start from the top and work our way down, hair accessories are always a smart (and conservative!) choice. You can do anything from a preppy headband a la Blair to a set of sparkly clips with a slightly more youthful feel. Little tip, we suggest only wearing one major statement around your face at a time, so opt out of the hair accessories on a day when you feel like switching things up for more bling--and add a great statement necklace or oversize earrings.

If you don’t mean a thing and you don’t like that bling, why not opt for a scarf, which can be worn as a hair accessory, a sassy belt, bracelet, etc etc (with scarves, the options are limitless). A scarf can be used a million ways more than one statement necklace.
And if skirts are your required wear, and you can get away with choosing your own legwear, patterned and textured hosiery is big news this Fall. When you accentuate those with some cutesie little ankle boots, you got yourself a great look girlfriend.

Lastly but not least, if you have to wear a skirt or frock as your mandatory wear, take some cues from Gossip Girl’s Little J, and “tight”en things up. Textured tights, colored tights, patterned tights, you name it, these are all the rage this year and a fun way to make a uniform skirt...your own. When you accentuate those with some cutesie little ankle boots, you got yourself a great look girlfriend. Nobody is even gonna know it’s a uniform by the time you’re through.

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