Lingerie Tips For Your Size When You Are a Smaller Girl
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We had been talking about wearing the right lingerie for your figure. We all want to wear pretty things underneath, even if we are too shy to or lack the confidence, it doesn’t mean we don’t WANT to. But you will find that all you need to restore that confidence is to put on some pretty things underneath, and BAM, you will be knocking them out of the park. And that’s really the reason why women don’t always jump to lingerie.

Believe it or not though, we ALL have our insecurities, and knowing what to wear is so important. You want to play up your best features, while minimizing the ones you aren’t stoked about. We were looking at some fuller figured choices the other day, so let’s move on to choices for the girl that is well, not so well endowed. Yes, even skinny girls have insecurities, let’s nip these in the bud.

1. For the girls with a smaller chest… The two things you want if you have a smaller chest is an underwire, and look for triangle shaped cups as these will be the most flattering. You can get full coverage here with still some excellent push-up potential. You also may want to go with something with a little plunge. The triangle shape is going to lend some fullness for you. You will look great AND you will NOT be feeling less endowed in anything that plunges and gives you a little boost with underwire.

2. To elongate your legs or minimize your hips. If you want to make your legs appear longer, you want to go with a high cut bikini with a low rise. What this means is that the legs are high cut, but the waist is low rise, this draw attention to the length of your legs. With a minimal waistline you are also drawing attention away from your hips. This works well whether you have too many hips, or if you have nothing to show for in the hips department. Get those nice high cuts and show off your pretty legs.

3. To maximize OR minimize the booty….. Boyshorts are the way to go if you have ANY concerns about your behind. The very reason boyshorts are so popular is that they flatter just about any figure, and they are so CUTE. Men love ‘em because they are sexy in that ‘she’s wearing my stuff’ kind of way but oh so feminine at the same time. Boyshorts are great as they WILL hug you where you need to be hugged, they will minimize that booty if you want them to. And if you want to show it off, just about any cut of boyshort will curve you exactly where you want to. These also minimize the hips by drawing the eyes away.

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I like this information, it was very informative always interested.Always looking for informative ideas ,THANK YOU....

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