Sad But True, Time to Start Thinking Fall Wardrobe. Top 4 Tips.
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Fall 2010-2011 Fashion Tips

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Ah yes, though summer is far from over we canít help noticing the fall wardrobes hitting the stores. Itís certainly not groan worthy, a new season means new clothes. If you think of it this way, planning now for your fall wardrobe will ensure you have everything you need, when you need it, instead of heading out for the mall run when the temps have already started dropping. As soon as the colors change, so too will the availability of your favourite things. Find out here what you need for fall and start stocking up!
Rumor has it that Michael Kors is one of the designer gods when it comes to what trends will follow. His fall collections are always beautiful examples of what you want to see in your fall wardrobe, and his inspirations reach many many labels. This fall you want to think Sexy Librarian look, this means sleek, tailored, with all of the colors and fabrics that are going to drape your body perfectly, and flatter everything that needs to be flattered.

1. The look. Think chic, polished, sleek, and sexy. You want pieces that hug the body in all of the right places, but carry an elegance and poshness. Speaking of Posh, she is an excellent example of a style icon that personifies this look.

2. The colors. Colors came in rich fall tones, and if you want to stray from standard fall tones or add in a splash of color, think along the lines lilacs and purples. Olives, balmacaans, and camel were hit shades on all of the fall runways.

3. The pieces. Think sexy Ralph Lauren Blue Label, or take a peek at the Michael Kors fall line. For this fall, think long narrow skirts, cashmere sweaters, cropped print pants, and when adding a hint of sophisticated chic a little bit of fake fur for accessories. All of this over tweed jackets or plaid skirts.

4. Take it to night. Think sleek retro here, and donít be afraid to give your Librarian some glam. When it was time for the cocktail hour collections on this Fallís runways, metallics were the shades and fabrics of choice across the board with designers. Strapless gold and silvery princess dresses that came embellished stole the scene. And when it was time to showcase formal wear, it was the column gowns with the Watteau backs that really impressed.

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