Three Simple Steps to Get the Right Sized Bra
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How to Measure Bra Size

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Yes the temps are dropping and skinnier clothes and cuts are coming out, so we are going to talk bras today. You have to know, and trust us, many women don¡¯t, but wearing the right lingerie will make your outfit, while wearing the wrong lingerie will BREAK your outfit even if you are outfitted from head to toe in Cavalli. The fit of your bra is quite possibly the most important measurement you will need to know in order to ensure the best look for the outfit you have taken so much time to select. Why? If your bra doesn¡¯t fit properly, your outfit will not hang properly. Why spend so much time and money on a garment that looks terrible on you because you¡¯ve chosen the wrong bra?

Step 1: So what do YOU need to know in order to choose the right bra size? Two things ¡ª your band size, and your cup size. You need to know these measurements, and the first tip we will give you is to take these measurements when you know your hormones are not fluctuating as this will cause bloating and your size will not be correct. Oh and, regardless of what the pictures show, don¡¯t measure with your bra on, do so without any clothes on. That is the ONLY way you can measure with complete accuracy.

Step 2: Use a soft tape measure and first measure your rib cage in the area where your bra band will likely go, right underneath your breasts. Make sure it is snug and smooth from one end to the next, right this number down. Add FIVE to this number. So if your number was 29, go 29 + 5 to get 34. 34? is your band size. If you end up with an odd number, go up one inch. So if you get 28 + 5 = 33, go to 34¡å.

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Step 3: Now you want to measure around your bust at the fullest point. Make sure the tape measure is straight but isn¡¯t tight. So, write that number down. Let¡¯s say PURELY HYPOTHETICALLY of course, that the number you got was 35. Your band number is 34, and your bust size is 35. Subtract the band number from the bust number and for every inch of difference you will have one cup size. So, 35-34 =1. 1 cup size. Can you guess? That¡¯s right, this is an A cup you are dealing with. If your bust size was 38, then you would go Second Number ¡ª First Number = 38-34 = 3. A =1, B=2, C=3., D = 4 Your cup size is D. So your bra size would be 34 D you lucky girl!

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Tip: If your difference is more than 4 inches, you start going into double letters. So if your final answer is 5 for example, your cup size would be DD.

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