3 Fashion DOíS That Will Flatter Your Figure This Spring
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Oh yes, the temps are climbing and layering has officially begun which means less and less skin as time goes on. Panic not, though we have discussed before how to flatter your figure with fashion, a little review and a few tips wonít hurt. If you have already started thinking about your spring and summer wardrobe, here are some staple pieces from this seasonís trends that you can use to flatter your figure ó accent those areas that deserve it, and skim over the areas you want to forget about.

1. The Tummy Trimmer. 3 Words. Tunic. Tunic. Tunic. You have likely seen these everywhere. These have to be the best invention since the two-toned pump. These tops are a classic must have for every wardrobe as they will hide your midsection beautifully. The top will drape right over your tummy, and if long enough, over your hips as well. These are generally made of sweet flowy fabrics that move with you, so that you donít look like your mid-line is fuller. Best things to pair these with is a tapered or straight-legged bottom.

2. The Leg Lengthener. A little trick when it comes to lengthening legs has not so much to do with trends, but how you accessorize. This creates the illusion of longer, leaner legs. Heels will also have the same effect, so if you are concerned about shorter legs, heel up and you not only have physical length, but the appearance of long legs as well.

3. The Pear Thinner. Many of us do not look like Jennifer Aniston, and so we have one area of the body that is large, while another is not so bad, and so on and so forth. This is where the empire waist comes in, still very trendy and very flattering as well. The small on top and large on bottom girl in particular will like this one. This will accent your pretty neckline without drawing attention to your bust concerns. The drape from the empire will skim over your hips and midsection and not draw attention to those areas. If hips are the issue, you can get away with a tight skirt and an empire top as the top will drape right over your hip bones. Very cute.

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Azlane P.06-23-2010
this article is very helpful and you should check out the hairstyles if your looking for a new look!

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