3 Fashion Tips That Wonít Make You Go Bust
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Oh yes, there is nary a woman in the world that isnít a little bust conscious, and this is one of those fashion situations where the grass is always greener. Those with small issues envy those in the double D category, while the women with more ample bosoms do covet the tininess that comes on the smaller frames. We are moving into a much more different fashion century, and with this century comes the mindset to embrace what you have, play up your best features, and work with the ones you donít like so much. The good thing is that when it comes to YOUR bust size, you can use fashion in other areas of your ensemble to work WITH what you have instead of complaining about it, all the while flattering the goods your Mama gave you. How to?

1. Accessories. Accessories. Accessories

Think about your fave fashionista and you will surely see that she uses accessories to her advantage when it comes to features. Bold accessories with bright splashes of color attract the eye and grab attention to the area they are focused on. Wear a chunky bright necklace to highlight your neckline and draw attention away from your waist or hips. If you have larger breasts, wear it choker style or just around the collar. For smaller breasts, wear it long pendant style, long enough to pass your breasts and hit your waist line or close enough to it. This elongates your figure and takes attention away from your bustline.

2. Empire Waist

Ah, we loved this trend when it first came out, and it hasnít left the scene because it is extremely popular with every shape and size. Find these in this seasonís trapeze looks or kimono dresses and you will be hard pressed to worry about your bustline. A few tricks though.If you are plus-sized, you donít want to go too bland. Women in the size range from 12W to 38W can work with plus size fashion lines that cater to this figure and trend. The kimono dress is perfect for larger figures as it accentuates all the right areas and hides the right ones too. Choose one with a back tie that will give you an Empire waist. Loose billowy sleeves will give your arms coverage, and the V-neck creates an elongating line that takes eyes OFF the hip area. And for the smaller girl, an empire waist creates the illusion of heaviness elsewhere, as it wonít accentuate bony frames.

3. Ruching

Here is another trend that works for all figures. If you are trying to enhance your bust, try a ruched top. And these are so big right now, you can get them in either short or long sleeve and have a pretty look for any season as well. Try something different and throw a short sleeve over a long for a layered look. It will bulk up your overall bust area as well. For the heavier girl, a ruched top slims down the waistline just beautifully as well. Pair it with something loose and billowing on bottom.

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