Top 3 Sweater Trends This Winter
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The temps are dropping and of course this means that we need to be putting on more clothes and covering more skin. But that doesn’t mean that you need to forego your sexy to maintain your warmth. There are a number of ways you can do this without giving up on your style, and the key to this is layering. Heavy bulky cable knit sweaters are not exactly runway attire and are better left to your ski resort vacations, but you can still toss on a pretty sweater with some clever camisole and T shirt layering without looking like a frump queen. If you are trying to figure out how to do that this winter in a way that is flattering, start with your neckline. There is no body type that can not work with this very delicate feature. Show it off girls, this is the one part of the body that men will actually shy away from saying they love. But you know they all do….What clothes are going to flatter what features for YOU?
• V Neck when all else fails. The V Neck will flatter ANY figure. For the thinner girls, this draws the eyes down and away from narrow shoulders and bony collarbones. For the heavier girls, same thing, but the eye is drawing down instead of across. The beauty of the V neck is that it elongates the body for the heavier girl, and also creates the illusion of curves for the slimmer girl. The V Neck is great for framing that pretty face of yours as well. And no, not too cold here. Pair with some jeans and a pretty camisole, and you’ve got a very sexy winter look.

• And then we have the Boat Neck. And this year you want to look for boat necks with cute little cowls like you see draping delicately in the front. The girls with no shoulders will like this as it will elongate your shoulder line, but yet the heavier girls will like this one too because it minimizes your waist in a HUGE way. Ideal cut for pear shapes, petites, and anyone without curves. If you are heavy in the bust, opt out here or you will be going overboard on the volume.

• The Classic Crew Neck. Here is a look that is fail safe. The crew neck keeps every figure happy because it does not draw attention to anything. Many fly girls think the crew neck is a little too boring, but it’s all in what you pair it with that matters. Attach an eye catching necklace, scarf, or brooch to your neckline, and you can bet that nobody will be thinking about how boring your sweater is. If you pick one up in one of this season’s hot jewel tones, you will add instant pop to even the most basic pair of jeans.

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