How to Wear Flat Boots Without Becoming a Fashion DONíT
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Todayís woman is becoming a lot more practical when it comes to our footwear, but that does not mean that we are sacrificing comfort for beauty. Oh no. So when flat footwear started to peek into trends with flat boots and ballet slippers, it got a little exciting. Oh yes, designers were starting to pay attention and provide our knees with a little bit of salvation. But unfortunately, flat shoes are not as easy to pull off as you may think. As the temps drop, flat boots are all the rage, whether you are adorning super chic Uggs, or are pulling on a pair of Steve Maddenís sexy winter knee highs.
Either way, flat boots are getting close to replacing killer heels, but if you donít pair them with the right item, you will become a fashion donít.

Unlike heels, which pair well with just about anything, flat boots are a little trickier. You want to pay attention to hemline and take stock of some eye catching pieces to pair. So how do you pull off the flat boot? Can you really pull on a flat boot without looking boring?

You can, and itís much easier than you think. There is only one official DONíT when it comes to flat boots. You can not wear flat boots with a dress that sits at knee length. Flat boots this year pretty much hit the knee and you can not combine two different pieces that meet essentially in the same area.

When you go with flat boots and a skirt, pick a dress/skirt whatever that sits above the knee. The higher the hemline the sexier the boot is going to look on you. And since you are playing with hemlines and knees, a good rule of thumb with flat boots and skirts of any length is to have a minimum of three inches of space in between. This breaks apart the look a little bit, and you can pair either with monochromatic pieces for a silhouette look, or mix and match your color choices.

And for those super cas weekender days, you canít go wrong. Jeans and flat boots are becoming a big staple this year, there is no way you can run this and do it wrong. You can pair black jeans with black boots again for a very nice monochromatic look. Or work with blue jeans and an alternate color boot to really offset the sexiness of the boot.

Just because boots are flat does not mean they arenít sexy. What you do with the rest of your outfit here will make ALL the difference.

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