4 Tips on How to Pull Off This Season’s Boyfriend Jeans
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Boyfriend Jeans

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If you are groaning then you are groaning with the collective fashion world now that the unforeseen has happened. Yes, Katie Holmes has actually inspired a trend despite the fact that her fashion line has gone where her creativity has, absolutely nowhere. Katie Holmes has been spotted around New York City all year long wearing none other than her hubby’s Tom Cruise’s denim jeans. The “story” is that she couldn’t find something to wear one day and just threw on a pair of his, but since he’s inches shorter than her, she rolled up the cuffs and voila, a trend was born. While we don’t buy that story for a second, I mean, nobody on the planet has more clothes than Katie Holmes I think, and I highly doubt she’s ever had a day where she found everything to be “in the laundry” kind of day. Mind you, Katie Holmes is Katie Holmes and many a designer caught this look and turned it into summer’s biggest trend, the boyfriend jean. You are seeing this in all lengths, cropped, Capri, shorts, and yes even twists on denim skirts. If you are happy the skinny jean is taking a hiatus and curious about how to make this roomier counterpart work in your wardrobe, follow this guide on how to truly work the boyfriend jean.

Tip 1 – Use Celebrities as Inspiration. That’s right, it’s not just Katie Holmes that has inspired this look. Flip through magazines, YouTube videos, and celebrity blogs to see that this trend is really catching on all over the place. All you have to do is find the celebrity that matches your personal style, and match your pairings with the kinds of pairings that you see with celebrities. Use similar accessories and matching to create unique but similar outfits that coincide with today’s trends.

Tip 2 – Use Balance. Boyfriend jeans are intentionally slouchy and roomy, and this makes for a very comfortable wear. If you are not used to this however, you want to watch your balance when matching your co-ordinates. You don’t want your whole look to be slouchy and roomy, so pair with fitted tops and snug tees that match your body type. One top you want to avoid with the boyfriend is anything with an empire waist as this will definitely add some instant weight to your overall look.

Tip 3 – There is Magic in the Roll. Yes, as much as we hate that Katie had to flashback to 1987 for this look, she did, and it stuck, so if you must roll, you must roll properly. If you don’t roll your cuffs well, you’ll look like one of those fashionistas that tries too hard, and honey, you don’t want that. Your cuff needs to reach right above the ankle, and you can make this either dressy or casual. If you want to look a little more slouchy and casual, you want to roll at least three times, and if you want a dressier look, never more than once.

Tip 4 – Any Shoe Goes. Thankfully Katie left us with this at least. She has proven that you really can wear any shoe with the most relaxed jean on the planet and still look pretty hot. So yes girls, you may be manning up your look with the boyfriend jean, but you can girl it down with a saucy pair of heels. So break out the spikes and show off those gorgeous ankles of yours. And if you don’t want to go with heels, no worries. Ballet flats, sandals, sneakers, anything goes here. There isn’t any shoe that will pair poorly with these jeans.

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