4 Steps to Creating Your Signature Summer Look
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You’ve seen the starlets and probably envied them, and it is girls like Rachel Bilson or Pink that seem to really stand out in the crowd when it comes to personal style. What is it about these girls that they always look so great? As pretty as they both are, the fact is that these women look great because they have mastered the essence of the personal style. In other words, though they may not be the most beautiful women in the world, they are pretty because they have perfected their signature look that seems to work every time. Have you perfected yours? With summer ahead, now is the perfect time to find out what trends will work for you so that you can build your signature look and turn heads all summer long. Here are some tricks to help you get started:

1. Know your personality. This is the biggest key when it comes to establishing your signature look, because the clothes you wear really do tell the world who you are, so you need to know who you are before you decide on how to show it to the world. Find the qualities within you that make you distinctive as a person, and when you are shopping the trends, take note on what speaks to you. If certain trends make you feel great just by looking at them, chances are they will look great when you are wearing them as well.

2. Know your fit. One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing clothes is that they buy the wrong size, or try to wear something that looks good on someone 2 sizes smaller. If the clothes you are wearing do not complement your best features, then they will look terrible on you no matter how expensive or designer they are. Know your fit, be honest with yourself, and work around it. There are many trends that any size can wear, with some body types not being able to wear every thing that hits the runway. And that rule goes for whether you are small, medium, or large girls. Even the size zeroes make mistakes when it comes to this rule.

3. Create a signature “piece”. For this you may recall the season of Sex and the City where Carrie had her “flower” season. In every episode and on every fabulously styled outfit she wore a flower in one way shape or form. Something like this is an easy way to implement a little bit of personality into your style. Use a favoured accessory or color that you keep consistent with every outfit, and this will make your everyday trend stand out in a crowd of others that are wearing the same thing. This piece may even be the same piece you use time and time again, or pieces that have a theme like butterflies, hearts, or things of that nature. Choose something that reflects who you are and what you like and this will speak volumes about you to the world without you having to say a word.

4. Be a copycat, with a twist. Celebrities are trend setters for a reason, they always look great. If you have one icon that you just love to look at in the style pages, keep an eye on her and take few tricks from her style book. Maybe you like the boyfriend jeans Katie Holmes has been sporting, but want to add a twist with a scarf belt, or some chic sandals. Use your favourites as inspiration, it is what they are there for. Just remember to be yourself and add your own unique twist to the overall look and you’ve got yourself some signature style.

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