Top 4 Fashion Trends for Summer 2009
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Have you found yourself confused by the summerís trends? Are you trying to figure out your summer style, but not quite sure how to meet fashionable requirements without breaking the bank? Believe it or not, even celebrities scale back during recession time, regardless of whether they need to or not, and so take a lesson from the masters when it comes to styling yourself for the season. Instead of running out and grabbing every great trend you see, why not stick to your budget and pick up a few key pieces that you can use in a number of versatile manners that will keep you looking chic and stylish all summer long. Not sure what those key pieces should be? To stay in line with this summerís trends, follow the signature looks that are being pieced together with the basics by the top celebrity stylists.

1. Accessories. When you are on a budget, versatility is everything. Rather than stocking up on large expensive items, opt for a wider variety of accessories to amp up any outfit. Bangles and bling tend to be much less expensive than trendy threads, and you can immaculately style any outfit with a number of eye catching accessories. Picture jean shorts and a breezy white top with some turquoise accents and big chunky belts and some strappy jewelled sandals that show off your feet. Focusing on these little extras rather than the foundation will surely make you stand out.

2. Itís all About the Yellow. Yellow was a color that appeared so often on the runway projections for this season, that you would be remiss to avoid it. Itís not a color for everyone, so if you donít have a staple yellow item, choose an accent such as a bag to bring the hottest color alive on your palette. If you can handle yellow well, pick up one staple blouse that will pair with tapered jeans, pretty skirts, and even denim shorts. The key to your yellow hue is to choose a sunny shade that looks extra bright, and this will make you look extra bright no matter how tired you feel. Pair your yellows with your neutral staples like white, denim, or black, and you will stand out in the crowd.

3. The Cami/Mini Combo Never Fails. A simple camisole and mini skirt is a look that simply never goes out of style. This look is casual, sexy, and flirty, and can be done on the cheap. You can stock up on blousy boho camis rather affordably through stores like Old Navy, and invest in one or two staple designer skirts that complement your curves. Always pair this look with heels for that extra complement to your legs and you have yourself a few killer outfits that will never leave you wondering what to wear on all of those hot summer date nights you have in store.

4. The Party Dress. Every summer requires one function where a dress is the suitable attire. You may have one, two, or even more weddings or graduations or anniversaries to attend this summer, and it seems each function requires a different level of formality. Instead of purchasing one dress for every occasion, purchase one dress that you can dress up and dress down with your collection of accessories. Patent accessories in a belt, shoes, or bag are a great way to make any dress appear more elegant, while strappy sandals and a straw bag will dress the same dress down in a heartbeat. How you choose your accessories is up to you and all a reflection of your personal style. So when you are looking for that perfect outfit for that mandatory occasion, go shopping for new accessories instead of a new dress. Youíll make the look different each and every time, and nobody will be any the wiser.

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