How to Find the Right Swim Suit for Your Size or Body Type
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Swim Suit Shopping Summer Tips

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Ugh, itís suit season again, and if you are stressing about body flaws and not sure you can whip them into shape in time, try going the other route. This means you can buy your bathing suit to complement your figure, rather than hide under it, and thankfully designers have been coming up with cuts and trends that are destined to flatter any style.

The key to finding the perfect suit is to understand what it is on your body type that you donít want to emphasize, and then finding the cut that complements your look, rather than showing off those flaws you are working so hard to keep under wraps. This brief bathing suit guide covers most of the major issues women cringe over when bathing suit shopping and should help point you in the direction of the kind of suit you need.

Letís talk belly control first. Belly control is one of the most common issues when it comes to bathing suit season, and trust me, even skinny girls look for suits to hide their tummies. When you add in the odd bloating periods or days when youíve had a bit too much soda, belly control can be important for everyone. The key here is to go with a one piece if this is something you are concerned about, and donít think that will mean frumpy. The Old Hollywood trend has come back in bathing suits, and todayís one pieces are glamorous and sexy and will show off exactly what you want shown off, while hiding everything else. Tips to look for are suits that are in a matte color, and you want to avoid shine all together. Finding a suit with ruching and gathering along the sides will also automatically slim down your waist and give the illusion of a tinier middle. You also want to go with something a little high cut in the leg, as this elongates your leg and draws eyes away from your middle section.

Plus sizes in general want to avoid anything with stripes that will have eyes moving back and forth or up and down, and go for solid colors with minimal detail. If you do insist on wearing stripes in a plus size, try getting a suit that offers angled stripes and this will give the illusion of sectioning your frame so that it looks a bit smaller. You donít have to say no to bikinis in a plus size, but you will want to avoid anything that offers thin strings or little support. Tiny strings can dig into the skin and create unattractive bulges and only amplify your plus size. Wrap styles are coming back in as well so if you like the wrap look, this is a great look to instantly slim down thicker middles as it is an automatic waist whittler.

If you are heavy in the bottom, you want to maximize coverage as this will hide any flaws you may be concerned about here. Use wide waistbands to instantly slim down your hips and again go high cut to give your legs the illusion of length. Boy shorts work well for big booties, as they cover everything that needs to be covered and still offer some sliming factor. Donít go for shorts that are too long though, unless you are very tall, as this will chop your figure in half and make your legs appear shorter.

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