5 Tips on Wearing This Seasonís Satin Successfully
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You may have watched in wonder as this seasonís hottest fabric draped its way down the runway, and you should have. The one fabric that most designers were using time and time again was the luxurious satin, and it is no wonder why. Satin has made this seasonís colors pop in even more feminine and sexy ways than the same colors have on standard fabric in seasonís past. There is no reason to NOT want to add a little satin to your wardrobe. The look of satin is so soft and sheer that it canít help but breathe sex appeal, and at the same time, it is very feminine and will easily make you feel like the prettiest girl in any room.

One of the most amazing elements of this fabric though is in its beautiful drape, as there is no other fabric that will drape as beautifully as satin will, and this is precisely why designers are using it more and more. It makes their final product look that much more appealing. There are a few tricks though, because as lovely as this fabric is, if you wear it incorrectly, you will ruin the entire look. And satin is very, very easy to wear incorrectly. Take these few tips and use them wisely, and you will be that much closer to the luxury and sex appeal you want with this yearís hottest fabric!

1. Start with the right foundation, literally. Here you want seamless bra and or undergarments depending on what you are wearing. Satin drapes beautifully but is unforgiving on what you have hiding underneath, even if its pretty and lacey.

2. Tops work better with satin than skirts or pants. As pretty as satin skirts are, and they really are, satin is the most wrinkle inducing fabric known to man. So unless you are sitting down for a while, and never standing again, donít go with the skirt or pants. The beautiful and luxurious effect will be lost as soon as you stand up. For the same reason, skip on satin lingerie. Have you ever seen it the next morning? Unless its intention is to be worn as little as possible, give it a whirl.

3. Watch your fit. Satin ideally should drape without cling, and fit without rumples, and you will know if you have the right fit as soon as you try it on. Do not leave any store with a satin garment until you have tried it on and tested this yourself.

4. Choose quality satin. Quality satin is thin, smooth, and feels almost cold when you touch it. If it is thick, itchy, or even a little rough, it may not be the best quality and wonít give you that same luxurious drape you are after. High quality satin is much more fluid and will last longer than thicker satin fabrics. You also want dry clean only satin, as this is easiest way to clean your garment and take care of those delicate fibers.

5. Lastly, avoid overkill. This means one piece will work wonders. You want to avoid the satin jumpsuit look with matching bag and heels. And, if you already own this ensemble, consider repositioning a few pieces. A satin top with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt and covered with a trendy coat will look so sexy and feminine. A satin camisole will go well with just about anything, and satin tunics are very popular and very appealing on any figure. One piece will do the trick, and if you donít really want even one full piece, use a few touches of satin accessories for that instant luxe.

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