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Yes, itís that time of year. Itís Spring time and the temperatures are climbing and so while it is warm enough out to forego socks on some occasions, it is not so warm that you can start bringing out the strappy things for day wear. But fret not, sandal season is just around the corner and here is your shopping guide to catching in on all of this seasonís greatest trends. This yearís sandals are so pretty, that you will definitely be doing your feet a favour when you pick up on these must haves.

This year donít be afraid to embellish. Summer 2009 trends have been all about accessorizing and embellishment. Look for shoes with accessories themselves, a little bit of bling or some heavy metal studded here or there. You will love the embellishment that comes with gladiator style shoes with brushed brass accents or cool chrome studs. Faux jewels, gems, and rhinestones are all also very pretty to adorn your feet with. Your feet arenít just made for walking honey, and you spent a fortune on that manicure. Show them off!
Speaking of gladiator style sandals, the look is back, and given that itís been on many, many runways for many, many seasons, itís not going anywhere anytime soon. This year the gladiator is a little edgier with much bolder straps. Think wilder but with more intricate detailing. Youíre also going to see higher heels, and non classical primary colors. Hot in straps this year are cagey type styles, or disco-thick criss-crossing that complement the gladiator style. Think of it as pretty bo ho and these shoes will have you humming the Beach Boys before you know it.

Color choices in sandals are changing as well. You will see sandals matching the seasonís popping jewel tones, and you fave sandals wonít be black, brown, or white this year. Think saturated shades that are upping the ante yet again. Yellows, neon greens, blues, and the most stunning array of pink and fuschias are hitting the sandal shelves. And, if you want to go really bold, go no color at all and check out this seasonís elegant nude tones as well. No, it wonít turn heads, but with their versatility, youíll find yourself wearing them everywhere.

When you are having hotter temps, you tend to wear less clothing, yes, so heels are making a big comeback in sandals so that you can show off what your mama gave you. For those a little short on height, heels will elongate and instantly slim down your leg so these will be a godsend for you as your skirts hike up a bit. And donít be afraid to go Daisy Duke with some heeled sandals and a pair of short shorts, that look will never go out of style. A variety of heights are big this year, and if you really like the wedge look, these are the most comfortable to wear beach or pool side. Donít buy too many, wedges probably wonít be back next summer, but this summer they will tone your legs down in an instant.

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