2009 Fashion Trends to Flatter Any Figure
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2009-2010 Fashion Trends

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There are many a fashion moments when todayís stylista watches the runways religiously, and then moans when she stands in front of her own closet. The reason that any Fashion Week can inspire dread and desperation is because the latest trends always seem to work the best on size 2 figures, and on nobody else. If this is your concern, worry not, and follow these few tips and tricks to catch on to the runway trends AND flatter your figure at the same time.

The first trick to dressing for your figure deals with dressing for proportion. If you are wearing full and round trends, then that is how you are going to look to the world. You always want to accentuate your smallest body part by pairing your fuller pieces with a trend that is on the snug side. For example, a full skirt should be balanced with a fitted blouse, or a flowy loose fitting tunic top or blouse should be paired with some skinny jeans. And donít be afraid to go skinny in the jeans if you arenít. They make them in all sizes, and pairing your separates perfectly will make the look work. If you match your separates with identical colors, you take this a step further by appearing 10 pounds lighter to the world in a long silhouette in one color.

Jackets are a great way to slim down, and thankfully Spring and Summer trends are all about tailored pieces that are structured and fitting. Donít choose a jacket that will cut your body in half, but rather choose one that is hip length. Hip length jackets will make your torso appear long and also make your silhouette sleek and flatter your figure. In a hip length coat, you can also choose one that is pintucked or tapered in the waist, and this will give the illusion of a whittled figure. Hip length jackets will make your torso appear long as well.

When it comes to colors, take advantage of this seasonís reds that are hitting the runways and the boutiques. Many women that are a bit heavier have a tendency to focus on black as a slimming color, but red works very well because it absorbs light and conceals your flaws as well as, or even better, than black does. Red is also a sign of confidence, and if you have some esteem or confidence issues because of your figure, red will instantly send a subconscious message to the world that confidence is NOT something you are lacking.

Lastly, you want to pick up a few shift dresses for the season. These dresses are all the rage right now, and are a timeless classic that flatter any figure. Channel Jackie O with a constructed shift dress that offers darts and tapers in all the right places. These will enhance the seams and shape your waist so that nothing but a svelte figure is shown to the world.

Todayís trends are not just for the skinny girl, and in fact, women that have a healthier body will actually look even more appealing in this seasons Spring and Summer fashion. And if you are ever stuck, adding heels to any outfit will always make your body appear longer and leaner, whether you are wearing jeans or a pretty skirt or dress. This is one get skinny quick trick that never fails, season after season, year after year, generation after generation.

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