How to Wear Animal Prints Successfully
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Jessica Alba

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Weíve all seen that girl. At least once. She may be the older woman in the bar that is trying too hard...or that girl that sits next to you in Chem Lab that is..well...trying too hard. But just like there are the girls in the world who donít know how to cover their bra straps effectively, so too are there girls in the world that donít know how to wear animal prints successfully. If you have been eyeing the Spring trends on the runway, then you know you donít want to be that girl. Because for a second Spring/Summer season in a row, the animal print has made waves in contemporary Ready to Wear fashion markets, and is big big big this season. But just because you see it hanging on a rack, doesnít mean you need to grab it for yourself. If you want to enjoy the sex appeal of animal prints in this Springís fashion, take a few tips so that you can pull it off and make heads turn.

Whether you are seeing big tiger prints, wild giraffe or reptilian prints, or even a bold black and white zebra pattern, you will have no trouble locating animal prints this year. But donít just buy what everyone else is buying, there is a secret here. The most important thing to know when wearing animal prints is that you need to match your print to your personality. Thatís right. Every woman has a bit of a wild side, no matter how quiet it is, and you can use this seasonís prints, however you like, to bring that out without overdoing or underdoing it.

If you dress very simply or are a quiet more reserved person, then go for prints that are small like leopard print or even a dalmation look. You will want to choose smaller pieces to bring out your wild side, rather than go with a one pieced pantsuit that screams animalista. For the reserved woman, a belt, handbag, or bold pair of shoes is all you need to complement your every day style with a little bit of jungle animalism. You will also want to stick to more muted tones like earth tones, and natural hues that arenít going to scream for too much attention.

For the bolder girl, you can and will be successful with just about any print you choose. When the world already knows you are a wild child, they almost expect you to pull off something tigress every now and then. Choose this seasonís bright colors to highlight your best features and bold patterns that will leave strangers wondering Ďwhoís that girlí.

That being said, body shape considerations will go a long way with animal prints. Heavier set women should not wear too much of a good thing. Go with a number of accents combining printed shoes and accessories, or stay with one piece in your chosen pattern. A pair of pants, a spotted top, but choose one or the other and not both. And for tall or gangly women, a little common sense goes a long way here. You donít want to stretch out the animal look too much on your silhouette, or it looks contrived. A 6 foot woman that weighs 120 lbs for example will want to stay away from the giraffe motifs, as pretty as they are.

When it comes down to it, there is no reason that you shouldnít be able to pull off the animal print. So long as you take into your own personal style and body shape while you are doing it, you will have no trouble at all succeeding with this yearís hottest trend, while showing the world your animal side.

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