How to Follow the Hollywood Trends This Holiday Season
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Fashion Trends 2009

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It is no secret that Tinseltown is the leader of the free world when it comes to fashion. Thatís right. Here is where trends are made, fads are broken, and acid washed jeans go to die. And every year the stars amaze us with their ability to set the tone for a great season with beautiful new styles and trends that we all covet and drool over. If a trend comes out and a star hasnít been seen with it, well boys and girls, itís not a trend. So when it comes to the holiday season, we look to the experts to give us an indication on how to make this holiday season pretty, chic, and just a little bit more glamorous than the last.

The key to being a successful fashionista this year is to invest in two dresses, and two dresses only that you can recycle as necessary. Unless you ARE Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan and can afford a new look for every event, go for it. But by limiting yourself to 2 dresses, one for the Christmas season, and one for New Years, you can stretch your budget and spend a little more than if you say, had to purchase 4 or 5 dresses for different occasions. And yes, it will be your Christmas season dress that you recycle from one function to the next. Itís okay of others see it on you twice, chances are they are doing the same thing. The New Years dress though is just that, the New Years dress. A masterpiece designed to come out for only one wee night of the year and shine until midnight.

When it comes to trends, the basics still apply. Empire waists and strapless dresses are very big, and strapless can be worn at any length. Longer skirts will indicate a higher amount of formality at your event, or cocktail length that sits just above the knee will still work for almost any occasion.

The biggest trend this year though is so big it almost hasnít even hit yet, so be the first to set the tone at your next function. Bronzed and gold hues are this holiday seasonís red and silver from days gone by. The bronze or gold hues have been seen on Eva Longoria, Demi Moore, and Beyonce, and are the new little black dress...for this year anyway. Why? Because they are so new that you will stand out no matter what function you are at. They are also a unique twist to the old and former trend of metallics and are a much more subtle glow to any piece you choose.

The key to wearing the bronze trend is to go simple on everything else. Let your dress speak for itself. Go with a very simple updo or hairstyle, and minimize or stay away from the bling all together. Your focal point is the dress and itís flashy enough to get you noticed without the effect of a trombone signalling your entrance. If you must go with jewelery, amethyst and emerald are very pretty choices that will complement gold and bronze nicely.

Keep it simple, stick with the trends, and donít underestimate the power of a focal piece in a trendy bronze colored dress.

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thanks for your perfect letters and sorry for our slow motion connection of our country(myanmar)
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Love it, so demure...

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