Is Green the New Pink?
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Green Fashion

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Everyone talks about how pink is the new black. Black was the new blue. So forth and such. Fashion, the need to compare everything to something. Well, they have done it again. Now green is the new pink. While everything used to be pink, now it is green both in color and in materials. The fashion industry has decided to take on a cause, one that goes beyond just pretty people in pretty clothing. The fashion industry has decided to change the world, one shirt at a time. They are pushing the green movement forward in a way that is unprecedented and unexpected. They are able to hit and affect those people that normal pushing of the green movement could not reach.

Instead of the hard to find materials of the old fashion industry, and the harsh realities of real fur, the newest fashions include easy finding and producing materials and faux furs. Instead of nylon which requires oil to make, there are a lot of cotton and bamboo fabrics going on the market. This is because cotton grows on trees and bamboo is a fast growing grass that makes for a very soft material. While wool and other products from animals will never go out of style because of their warmth, the methods of obtaining these materials no longer include the killing of the animals or the huge amounts of stress that they once felt. Now if the animals are not treated with kindness and respect, and the public hears of it, the products from those animals are not purchased, where before this would not have mattered.

While pink is still a popular color, many fashion designers are using a green pallet with their clothing. Good thing green and pink can look really good together. This shift to a green pallet is part of the green world movement. The use of the green pallet enables the fashion designers to push their green world ideas in a manner that it has not been pushed before. Instead of using words to get their point across, these fashion designers are using the green color to ensure that everyone thinks of the green movement as they pass. This manner has greatly been able to affect those individuals who do not normally think of the clothing or the issues in the world, beyond their own. This is fashion and everyone knows and respects fashion, especially fashion with a cause.

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Pallet? A wooden stacking rack often used in warehouses or on loading docks. Perhaps you mean palette as in an artistic array of colors but I believe could be creatively stretched to mean an array of (organic)fabrics.

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