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What is your fashion sense? Sounds like a trick question, doesn’t it. Well, in reality, it is a very important question that one should ask themselves every now and again. What is my fashion telling the world? Am I putting myself out there on the market at the business professional that I am, or am I screaming that I do not want to grow up and take responsibility for my life?

Questions and concerns like these have promoted the spawning of various shows such as “What Not to Wear” on Discovery. This is a show where two fashion gurus’ take on the worst dressed people in the United States, throw out their wardrobes, and give them a $5000 shopping spree in New York City. Sounds great, doesn’t it. All new cloths for trading in your old ones, with the small condition that you follow their fashion rules. It can be absolutely amazing to see the transformations that often occur in these people in just a few days time.

Look in the mirror, what do you see? You see you, in your every day clothing or your work clothing. What does that clothing say about you? What would you think if you saw someone else walking down the street in your clothing? Not sure, well, ask your really good friends for their opinions, provided they are not fashion disasters themselves. Friends tell you what you want to hear, good friends tell you what you need to hear, so be sure to ask them and take their opinion with poise.

Is it time to go cloths shopping? Well, here are some pieces of advice.

1. Dress your age. If you are over thirty, do not shop in the juniors department. The cloths may still fit you, but it looks young and childish. Try to find the right size clothing in the misses or adult sections of the store.

2. Keep the lines and clothing neat. Avoid clothing that appears to be distressed or otherwise ill fitting or ill care for. It may look cute on the model, but it is not cute in life.

3. Coordinate colors and patterns, but try to avoid all solids or all prints. All of one can appear too over done and does not often look good.

4. Do not forget the blazers and trousers. These are essential to any wardrobe.


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