Hitting Halloween Like You Are Hitting the Runway
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Halloween Hairstyles

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If there is one time of year when the fashion scene allows us all to make some serious mistakes, it is Halloween. This year, instead of going out with a more traditional costume, why not make fun of the most outrageous fashion faux pas of years past.

The Folded Cuff

Gentlemen, in the early 1990s, the folded cuff was very popular with high school and college students. With the bottom of the pant leg folded over and then up to make a tight cuff, men and women alike thought they were all that and a bag of chips. But, today we see the error of our fashion ways so take those party goers back to a simpler time and rock the folded cuff.

The Criss Cross

Remember the band Criss Cross? They decided it would be fashionable to wear all of their clothing backward. From the jacket to the pants, all pieces of their clothing (we can assume the underwear as well) were work with the front in the back. This Halloween, you can bring back one of the worst fashion choices ever by donning this style. To complete the Criss Cross look, wear your hair in braids all over your head and yell, “Jump, jump!”

The Big Hair Band

If there is one fashion choice I am happy finally fazed out it is the big hair bands. These bands not only used outrageous amounts of hair spray, but wore some of the tightest pants ever created. Jump into a pair of faux leather pants and use enough Aqua Net to change the ozone layer forever to complete the big hair band ensemble for Halloween.

If you want to take a step back in time this Halloween, try hitting some of the fashions that are dead and gone, thankfully. Rockin' a look from the past will certainly set you apart from all of the more traditional Halloween costumes on the market this year.



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