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Kate Hudson is seen here attending an elite fashion event at British Style Observed in an event that was auctioning off Mary McCartney’s photographs as hosted by The National Magazine Company during London Fashion Week. Mary is fashion designer extraordinaire Stella McCartney’s sister, and both are daughters of the infamous Sir Paul McCartney who also attended the event with his girlfriend Nancy Shevell.

But when your name is Kate Hudson, and these kinds of events are your life, it is not considered poor form to drop names or casually mention that you are chums with those in the elite London McCartney clan. Kate is actually quite friendly with Stella, and the two hang out together frequently when they happen to be in the same continent at the same time, whether they are discussing fashion or not.

But Kate Hudson is enough all on her own and does not require the likes of the McCartney name to land her on the Best Dressed List which is something she seems to do on a regular basis. No, Kate Hudson is a style icon in and of herself, whether she is hanging out with dear Stella, or going to the market with the main man in her life, her tyke Ryder.

So how does she do it? Kate is a full time working single mom, and while she certainly has the paycheck to afford the luxuries that keep her in high fashion almost all the time, it goes a little beyond that. Kate is seen here wearing Stella McCartney of course in a beautiful metallic grey colored mini dress and trendy platform T-bar heels. The key to Kate’s consistent success on the fashion lists is that she knows what the trends are and she knows what works on her body.

This particular outfit is a perfect example of that. We saw grey very big last fall, and this year the color is still the chic color to be wearing, but Kate has taken it to a new level by wearing a dress in a metallic shade of the ‘it’ color. Metallic colors have been making a slow comeback since last summer, and you can expect to see more of them in deeper shades through the Fall and into the Winter.

When trendsetters such as Kate are seen wearing them, this is further confirmation that you need to stock your wardrobe with this season’s must-have shade. Cinched waists haven’t gone away as you can see, and they won’t for some time with designers such as Stella McCartney creating pieces like this that drape in all the right places. Draping fabrics that work with the lines in your outfit will flatter what needs to be flattered, and hide what needs to be hidden, and your cinched waist will show it all off beautifully. A trend coming back is shoe colors that complement your outfit but do not match precisely, so keep your shoes in the same color family as your outfit, and you will aspire to the same style senses as the fabulous Kate Hudson.

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