Secrets to Look Runway Model Perfect
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Carmen Electra looks Runway Model Perfect

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Runway models strut their stuff from one end of the catwalk to the other. Their clothes and how they wear them, always flawless. In order to make it as a model, there are a few tips and tricks you will need to learn in order to make those outfits wear runway ready.

The runway models always have more than enough cleavage no matter which design they are modeling. Bathing suits, cleavage. Low cut dresses, cleavage. But, when we see candid photos of these same models in real life, they do not have that cleavage any longer. The trick is in the binding.

The breast naturally falls with gravity and this is not the look of the runway model. In order to achieve that ever so sexy, full cleavage look, try taping the breasts together. This can be achieved by placing a very sticky tape (duct tape works wonders) on one breast and pulling the tape toward the other breast. Move the untaped breast in toward the center and affix the tape. You know have instant cleavage.

Another wonder of the runway model is the bathing suit bottom. A model's bathing suit bottom never rides in toward the middle. There is no slippage, only perfect lie on the bottom. This, too, is not a realistic feat. The body moves and when walking fiercely down the runway without a little secret trick, the runway models would be wearing a thong in no time. In order to prevent a bathing suit bottom from riding toward the center, try using an adhesive on the inside of the fabric near the edge. The adhesive that works best is specifically made for clothing and skin, but, for those in a tight situation, try hairspray or a normal every day glue stick.

A runway models walk is like none other in the world. The demanding step sure cause movement in pant and dress designs. Never have I once seen a runway model with static cling. Of course, runway models spray the clothing they wear on the runway with an anti-static spray, but what about those time when you have forgotten to spray? Hairspray works wonders on static. Spray a mist of hairspray on the inside of your pants or dress and the cling will disappear.

Runway models may look perfect every step they take on the catwalk, but they truly have a lot of help. These secret tips and tricks of the runway will help you to take one step closer to a runway model's perfection.

tyshella washin04-17-2009
to much i dont have as much money but i wish i did
ya i no all about that. but what about the actual dress. we need a cheaper way to look nice.

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