Everyone in Hollywood is Growing UP
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Natasha Bedingfield ring

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Ah yes, it seems that unless your name is Sienna Miller, scandals and love affairs arenít exactly the biggest news in Hollywood. Gone are the days when dishing about DUIís, rehab, arrests, meltdowns, and big fat cheaters were the big news coming out of Tinseltown. Even Britney Spears is making headlines still and the worst thing anyone can say about her at this point is how well she is doing. Nope, bad girls and boys are no longer the It thing anymore, instead, everyone in Hollywood is growing up and doing the Ďnormalí thing. What? Getting married and having babies! Thatís so yesterday! Well, not anymore. Pregnancy is the new black and has been for quite some time, with dozens of babies being born this year. Minnie Driver is the latest celebrity to say hello to a newborn baby boy, and weíve also seen big names like Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Ashlee Simpson, and many more begin to start families and *yikes* settle down. Even the all time Hollywood play boy Matthew McConaughey had a baby boy this year, and his down to earthness about all of it is almost frightening. Matthew settling down? *sob!* And speaking of settling down, more and more Hollywood celebrities are tying the knot and taking themselves off the market permanently, well, as permanently as one can in Hollywood when it comes to marriage. Today the cool thing in Hollywood seems to be showing off your new diamond and talking about due dates, not about production schedules. The latest celebs to be taken off the market for good are Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz of course and even Jessica Alba got married this year. Scarlett Johannson also has a wedding in the works, possibly before Christmas. Most recently however we have seen Channing Tatum announce his engagement to Jenna Dewan, making girls all over America sob that their heartthrob of choice is now permanently fixed to someone else. And lastly but not in any way the least, hot pop star Natasha Bedingfield surprised many folks at the recent Calvin Klein anniversary party with a brand new diamond ring symbolizing her very recent engagement to Matt Robinson. The interesting thing about Hollywood though is engagements seem to be the biggest thing right now besides having new babies, and we are seeing very long engagements which could be a good thing for these new couples. As for wedding plans for both Channing and Natasha, when will we see proof of their true love? No word yet, but I am sure Natasha will tell you that the rest is still Unwritten.

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