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Gossip Girl Ad

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We’ve already been teased a little bit with what is about to happen when Gossip Girl returns from summer hiatus and hits your little screen again come September 1. There is no question that this season is even going to be more scandalous than ever before. And viewers will certainly be kept guessing about who is with who, who isn’t, and who is BACK with who. Who do you think?

It looks like both Blair and Serena (not Sabrina) will be kept very busy when it comes to man hopping but it’s hard to tell which man they will be hopping with. To launch the new season, the CW is kicking off a new ad campaign that is making some waves. The campaign is a backlash to the Parents Television Council which has blasted Gossip Girl for content they considered salacious and that they said is too scandalous for younger viewers on network television. The Council used phrases such as ‘A nasty piece of work’, ‘Every parent’s nightmare’, and ‘mind blowingly inappropriate’.

Well it seems the CW liked the catch phrases and are using them to entice fans and new viewers to see just how mind blowingly inappropriate the show really is.


the is not even really any real sex scenes. great show just a little bit of making out.
I love this show!!! But i have to keep watching it from my parents, which is stupid but if they read that then they wont even give it a chance. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!
i luv gossip girl and my daughter and i watch it every monday!!!
first off..the name is serina. not sabrina.
this is stupid, i mean gossip girl is an aweosme show, parents just freak out too much
its serena no sabrina

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