Michelle Monaghan at the Made of Honor Premiere
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Michelle Monaghan Hairstyles

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Here is Michelle Monaghan at the Made of Honor premiere with her sexy McDreamy co-star Patrick Dempsey. Michelle is dressed to kill in a gorgeous satin halter gown by Versace which she has paired with stunning Versace strappy killer platform sandals. If you havenít heard about the movie yet, itís about a bride who asks her best friend, played by Patrick Dempsey, to be her ĎMade of Honorí.

When Michelle was first asked about the role, the producers told her that it was kind of a weird concept, with a man being the maid of honor and so forth. But oddly enough, Michelle had no issues with it since, when she got married she did the same thing. In fact, her best friend, also a male obviously, was called her Man of Honor and he helped her with all of her bridely duties. My my, times are-a-changing, arenít they?



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