Rihanna Launches Umbrella Line From Totes at Macy's in New York City
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Rihanna New Short Hairstyle
Rihanna new Umbrella Line
Rihanna new Umbrella Line at Macy
Rihanna new Tote Umbrella Line
Rihanna New Shorter Hairstyle
Rihanna New Short Hairstyle

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Rihanna lauches her second Umbrella Line from Totes at the Macy's Herald Square in New York City on February 5th 2008.

Rihanna's Umbrella line will only be sold at Macy’s this spring. Cost for single color umbrella is $20 and $50 for the two-toned umbrella.

Rihanna can be seen to left with her latest short hairstyle. At first we didnt know what to think because we absolutely loved her short bob hairstyle. But actually this newer and even short hairstyle works good for her.

She is seen here wearing cute shorts with matching casual suit jacket and shear bustier underneath.



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