Rehab Looks Good on Tara Reid
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Tara Reid Hair Styles

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Tara Reid is seen here doing what she does best, partying. She was spotted hanging out with Kristin Cavallari at the Coachella Festival in California last week. It’s interesting to see her swing back so easily into the old scene again considering she just got out of rehab, but Tara Reid wouldn’t be Tara Reid if she wasn’t out partying with the best of them.

No word on whether she broke any of her 12 steps this night, or since rehab, but for all looks and purposes, rehab seems to have worked well on her. She no longer looks tired and emaciated, or, ok well, she no longer looks tired. And the color of her fake tan works much better on her than in days gone by, so maybe she is a little more clear headed these days after all.

No matter what changes she’s made in her life though, she seems to be able to pull off the blond bombshell thing rather well, and she doesn’t look like she is changing that any time soon, either. Here Tara is showing off some gorgeous blonde waves, and it hasn’t stopped looking great on her.

This is an easy look to get on second day hair, and you can do this without looking too greasy. Use some Velcro rollers, medium sized in the morning, and spritz some volumizing spray on your hair while they are in the rollers.

Blast your blow dryer on them and this will lock in some nice wave for you. Let the rollers sit for about 30 minutes, and then take them out and finger comb your waves out.

This is going to leave you with a lovely care free set of waves that you can rock the night away in, or lounge around at the beach with.

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Is she gorgoues, and hot? Does she partyy? Hmmm? lol
i think tara is gorgoues! and hott and so what if she likes to partyy who dosent love you tara

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