Heidi Klum Rocks Vogue
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Heidi Klum Hairstyles

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Thereís a reason they are called supermodels, and that is because no matter where they go or what they do, whether it is grocery shopping or covering German Vogue, they are fabulous. And Heidi Klum is absolutely no exception, easily being one of the most beautiful women in the world even at her age. And with a husband and children, you canít help but wonder just how she manages to look so immaculate all the time, but yet she does.

Here she is looking as glamorous as ever for a shoot with German Vogue that took place on Rodeo Drive. And Heidi was showcasing her gorgeousness in a look that is vampy, sexy, and yet still maintains that girl next door quality that gives her that allure that make men crazy. For the shoot, Heidiís hair was cut into a deeply textured and layered shag, and then styled in a devil may care quality that is both soft and sexy at the same time. Texture and movement are the keys to this look, and first you want to get the same kind of cut that Heidi has here. Deep layers that are chunky across the crown and frame your face are the markers to this look.

To style, use some styling pomade from roots to tips, and run some styling pomade through towel-dried hair. You will use a paddle brush while you blow dry to create some lift at the roots, and some volume through your locks. After you have done that, run a flat iron over your hair just a bit to smooth the ends over.

Then, tease the sections around your crown, flipping your hair back in sections to tease, and then smoothing over with some hairspray. This look is all about casual and fancy free, so donít be too concerned with flyaways or a tousled effect, as this is precisely the look you are going for.

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