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Blake Lively Hairstyles

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The ever so hot Upper East Side It Girl, Blake Lively, is seen here on the set of the hot prime time drama ‘Gossip Girl’ as she films scenes on a very cold New York morning. The actors for the show were seen pulling over puffy coats and clinging to big cups of hot coffee as the New York temperatures competed with the task of filming at hand. But you would never guess by looking at Blake that she is even the slightest bit cold, as always, she looks perfectly pulled together and absolutely immaculate.

Dressed in a sleek black trench coat with an eye catching handbag, Blake Lively proves just why she is one of Tinseltown’s biggest it girls right now. And of course, her hair is styled beautifully in those long luscious blonde waves we have come to know and envy. How does she do it? For Blake Lively, she is fortunate enough to have naturally wavy hair, and this leaves little to the styling factor, but even straight hair can be taught to bend accordingly.

Start off with volumizing mousse on towel dried hair, and blow dry hair with a round bristled brush. Use large Velcro rollers at your crown to create some lift and volume, and spritz the underside of each section that you roll for some added lift at the finish. Use a medium barreled curling iron to curl the rest of your hair, giving your ends a nice loose wave.

After your rollers have set for 30 minutes, take them out one at a time, and use your curling iron for an additional wave to your rolled sections. Once your entire head is curled, finger comb them out, or brush them out with a brush for a soft, naturally flowing wavy look that will last all day.

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