Those Hills Girls Sure Keep Us Guessing!
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Audrina Patridge Hairstyles

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Audrina Patridge from the hit MTV series ‘The Hills’ was spotted here heading into the Lantana Studios in Santa Monica, and it must have been a big meeting as she had not one but TWO mobile phones in tow, along with her handy assistant. And if we see or hear anything unusual from Audrina Patridge over the next little while, it certainly should come as no surprise by now, as she has turned into one of the least predictable girls on the all too predictable ‘The Hills’.

Yes, she has surprised us more than once this past season, and because of this, her unpredictability and this season’s never ending stream of drama has actually kept us on the edge of our seats as far as The Hills are concerned. First she moved out of her house she shared with pals and co-stars Lo and Lauren Conrad, and though we weren’t too surprised when it happened, it still came as a bit of a shock when we watched the moving van rolling out.

Then of course there was the Lauren vs. Audrina thing which seemed to be on again off again until the whole ‘slut’ situation, when Audrina accused Lauren of sleeping with her man. Lauren told Us Weekly that ‘I’m being accused of being a bad friend, a slut, and a liar all at once’ whereas Audrina’s take on the situation was ‘I simply asked her a question and that’s how she interpreted it.’. Hm, how else are you supposed to interpret the ‘are you sleeping with my man’ simple question though? Other surprises we saw this year was the Heidi and Spencer marriage that was or wasn’t, still not sure on that one....though we were able to watch their loving honeymoon on the December 15th episode.

And perhaps the biggest surprise of all came when Lauren and Heidi, former BFF’s but not in the mix of a heated hate ever since Spencer came along, made a little bit of a kiss and makeup at a recent publicity event. Yes, they met at one of Lauren’s fashion events, and Heidi was seen not only congratulating, but yes even hugging, Lauren Conrad after her runway show during L.A. Fashion week. And, in unprecedented amicability, Lauren was very magnimonious about it all.

'Yes, it's true. Heidi was at STK. She came in to the after party to congratulate me on the show. It was nice of her. I appreciated it.'

So now that we know that The Hills is coming to a close, what happens to these fueding gal pals? To any of them? Well, we do know that the wallflower Whitney will be heading to her own show ‘The City’ to rock her own drama in the Big Apple in a new series that will air next week. And Audrina is hoping that the same thing happens to her. She’s tired of ‘The Hills’ and wants her own reality show that includes her ‘real friends’.

Can we then expect to see a spinoff of our newlyweds the Speidi’s. Would it shock you? Kind of like a car accident right? You don’t want to look...but you just have to.

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