Paris Hilton Sweeps it Away
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Paris Hilton Hairstyles

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Paris Hilton is seen here hot footing it out and about in West Hollywood with her new BFF Brittany Flickinger in tow. Yes, ever since Brittany won the coveted BFF position off of Parisís reality show the two have literally been joined at the hip, so maybe they really will be BFF? Hmmm...And Brittany is certainly enjoying the full Hilton glamazon treatment, as she spent the night at Hyde with Ryan Seacrest, whom the two had shared a steak dinner with earlier in the evening at STK Steakhouse. And so this was a very public appearance for Paris Hilton, and not her usual galavanting night out, and this is why her style here is very subdued and elegant, circa the old Benji days. Paris is wearing a knee length dress in a very festive motif, and has styled her hair in a chic side ponytail with sideswept bangs.

This is a great look for either day or night, and is so easy as well. You can even achieve this look on second day hair if you like and nobody will be any the wiser. First run some styling serum through your hair to give your hair some bend and hold and to smooth it out for a sleek finish. Part your hair on the side, and then pull your hair to the opposite side and secure in a low ponytail with elastic at the nape of your neck. Smooth out any bumps with a wide tooth comb, and sweep your bangs over to the opposite side of your head to off set the low ponytail.

Finish with some ultra hold hairspray, and you have a look you can take to work, and go out on the town afterwards without missing a beat!


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