Is An Upper East Sider Going to Have a Baby?? Gossip Girl Spoilers
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Ah yes, the rich kids we love to love and love to hate. They make the lives of the rich and socially famous look more than a little complicated, while at the same time we would all love to have their problems, wouldn’t we? Gossip Girl is really heating it up this year, and they are doing a very good job at keeping us on the edges of our seat with every single episode, leaving us wanting for more. Well, more may be just what we will get as well, particularly in terms of another cast member as it is rumoured that a Gossip Girl character will be found ‘in the family way’ this year.

Many are saying it will probably be Kelly Rutherford, who plays the role of Lily Bass, as she is having a baby in real life, and it would seem natural to write a baby into her character. And yes, this would make for an interesting plot line because we all know her hubby has tragically passed away and she is desperately trying to mix it up with her old flame Rufus Humphrey again. Here is a show where yes, the adult plot lines indeed ARE as exciting as those found in their Gen Y counterparts. And while Lily getting pregnant may make for a titillating and scandalous plot, having one of the younger folks like Jenny, Blair, or Serena becoming pregnant would certainly stir up some mix as well, wouldn’t it?

We will find out for sure that a character is pregnant in an episode following Bart Bass’s tragic car accident, so you can expect to see that story developing very soon. In fact, it is being reported that we will know which of these lovely ladies will get to wear the padded stomach as soon as the very next episode. To add more fuel to the gossip fire, we are hearing reports that the producers of Gossip Girl are considering a spin off for next season and this would air on the same CW network.

The network is currently in talks to get the new series off the ground but at this point nothing has been finalized at this point. The producers are in the tossing around ideas stage at this point, and won’t make anything conclusive until they have the ‘right idea they can wrap their arms around and be really excited about’. And so you have to know that if the producers want to sink their hands into something juicy, then that will mean nothing but more juice for us as well. One thing you can look forward to in the meantime however is the return of the real evil on the Upper East Side, a girl that makes Blair Waldorf look like Mother Theresa.

That’s right, we will see Michelle Trachtenberg return as producers say we definitely have not seen the last of her. Look for her towards the end of the season, so perhaps she will be in charge of a nasty cliffhanger come finale time? Who knows! Anything can happen at this point as we know only all too well. Keep your eyes and ears open though, as it comes down the pipe, we will make sure you are the first to know.

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