Another Britney Rumor – Brit and K-Fed Shacking Up!
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Britney Spears

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Britney Spears has been busy as a bee lately, and it didn’t take long after her long awaited comeback to become a heated subject for the paparazzi throng as is the case here. Britney was spotted leaving LAX on the way to her European tour, and by my watch, she looks a little frazzled by the paps, or perhaps by her dad. In this situation, Britney tried to smile for the media, but her dad Jamie Spears actually muzzled her with his hand over her mouth before they boarded a plane to Frankfurt. Nice, dad! Perhaps Jamie Spears is a little irritated by the fact that Britney is starting to make her own decisions lately, especially if the most recent rumors are true. There have been rumors about Britney and Benji Madden, among many others. But the one that is catching the most attention is the one where Britney and her ex-hubby move in together. Yep, that’s right. And by the sounds of it, Britney was the one that did the inviting in terms of asking him to move in with her.

At first glance, it appeared that the situation was all about the custody, and Britney’s desire to be close to her kids. But the ever present ‘close sources’ to the divorced couple say no, that Britney wants to give her relationship with Kevin another shot. In fact, they have even been running some trial runs with Kevin staying overnight on more than one occasion, and these same sources are saying that he is finding single parenthood tough, and is happy for the chance. Britney is happy of course because she is seeing her kids more and she is reportedly ‘with someone she trusts’. The bottom line for this couple by onlookers is:

Britney and Kevin have come to realize they still love each other. They have been seeing a counselor and have drawn up a list of rules so they can improve their relationship.

On the other hand, some friends are saying this is a no-no. They think that Kevin is only doing any of this for the sake of enjoying the lifestyle that he had with Britney’s money, I mean, Britney. When they were married, he would go golfing, vacations, and drive around his custom designed Ferrari. But by Kevin’s accounts, he just misses her and is back in love with her now that she is healthy and back to her old self. He thinks she is the girl he fell in love with again, and believes they actually have a future together.

Our analysis on the fact or fiction quotient of any of this? Well, Britney’s dad did have to muzzle her here. And she is flying off to Europe at the moment, much time could she really be spending with K-Fed? On the other hand, well, this is not the first time we’ve heard this rumor. So perhaps the rumor mills in Tinseltown are gearing us up for an actual reunion, and perhaps, the publicist mills are churning as a means to give Brit some PR for her album and tour. Who knows for sure with this one? As always, time will tell.....

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