Was the Road to Change Covered With a Red Carpet?
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Ah yes, history has been made as the United States welcomes their 44th President, and their first President of African American descent. History has been made many times over in the United States, and in the world, over the Bush Administration, but this generation can look back on an epic moment in American history.

The Obama versus McCain campaign has been a long difficult road, with mistakes being made along the way by both campaign trails. But one of the many things that differentiated the Obama campaign from the McCain campaign was the intense Hollywood backing for Barack Obama. Celebrities have made no secret about the fact that they are staunchly in support of Barack Obama and every celebrity from Jon Bon Jovi to Oprah Winfrey has stood up for Obama. Scarlett Johansson almost even put off her wedding date until after the ‘more important details’ of the November election were said and done. And here we see Jay Z holding a huge Obama rally at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens just two days before the election.

And on November 4th, singers sang for Obama, and Hollywood stars and starlets rallied behind him and ensured that all the media were present and accounted for when they hit the polls. If you look around, you will see pictures of Jennifer Garner hitting the vote box, Christina Aquilera, Katie Holmes, and many many more major A-listers touting their support for Obama Barack. And everyone knows that a little celebrity endorsement goes a long way. So what about a LOT of celebrity endorsement? Does it give one the Presidency?

I am not sure but I do know that Tinseltown definitely spoke loud in this election, and probably more than they ever have. You recall the ‘Don’t Vote’ commercial led by Hollywood big wigs? Almost all of them were in support of Barack Obama. Others that stood behind him enough to call him their ‘good friend’ include George Clooney, Britney Spears, Eminem, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Pete Wentz, Charlize Theron, Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton, and yes, even Pamela Anderson who was born in CANADA loves Obama. The widespread celebrity endorsement was so large in fact that many Hollywood A-listers even threatened to LEAVE the COUNTRY if Obama didn’t get the keys to the White House.

Sounds a little dramatic, yes, but we are dealing with actors and actresses here, a subset of the population that feeds off of drama, even when they aren’t on the set of something or other. So, would Obama have won if he didn’t have the celebrity backing? Or was he inspirational and motivational enough to prophesy change and enact it on his own? Without the presence of the almighty campaign dollar, something many celebrities were proud to fork over, it is hard to say at this point in the game.

And, at this point, it doesn’t actually even matter. But it does seem that each and every celebrity that endorsed Obama used their status to reach out to their fans and listeners. Oprah Winfrey, one of the most influential celebrities in the world for example, took full advantage of that and it was duly noted. As one stay at home mom (SAHM) noted on a message board the morning after the election:

‘and Oprah's endorsement in the very beginning - it made SAHM's like me tilt our heads and listen, open our eyes and watch.....’

And so here you have the average all-American stay at home mom saying that YES. Celebrities made a difference in this election. So we, as members of popular culture that feed off of every word and tidbit the starlets in Tinseltown provide, may also have changed history. Not only has the first African American President taken the White House, the tremendous celebrity endorsement behind this election may change the face of elections from here on out. We’ve got some time to see how that pans out, in the meantime, we’ll see how many celebs keep touting the Obama love.

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