How to Get Your Hair Shiny Like Alicia Keys
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Alicia Keys Hairstyles

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This young beautiful music star is known for her versatile looks, whether its been curly and big or straight and sleek. Alicia put the glam on with a wild head of crazy curls, braids, among many other looks.

Here, Alicia Keys has gone for a look that is sleek and polished and amps up the glam factor with a sleek, shiny finish. To accomplish this sleek look, you want to run some straightening serum through towel-dried hair. Blow dry your hair with a flat paddle brush from roots to tips, and you want to pull your hair straight with the brush and blast the heat directly on the hair shaft. After your blow dry, use a wide flat iron to smooth out your hair and make it sleek along the entire hair shaft.

Once you have gone over your hair with the flat iron, spray some anti-humectant all over your head, and then go over your hair with the flat iron once again. This heat will lock in some shine and also seal the cuticle shaft for a sleek, straight finish. You can finish the look with some glossing serum if you want some extra shine that will last all day.

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I think alica keys is natural and real and allways looks great

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