Fact and Fiction: What is the REAL Deal with Jennifer Aniston?
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Sexy Jennifer Aniston

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She is easily touted as Hollywood’s biggest IT girl. She’s got a few things on her side to account for this. A previous marriage to one of the biggest A-listers of our time, Brad Pitt. A knockout prime time comedy series that was a hit for several years running. And more than a few films under her belt. Oh, and let’s not forget that she is as gorgeous today as she was her first day on the set of ‘Friends’ which was over a decade ago. You want to hate her, but you can’t, cuz she also happens to be one of Hollywood’s biggest sweethearts. And though she may be a huge IT girl, she carries that title well even today. Why? Because she is also one of Hollywood’s most elusive starlets. She has EVERYBODY talking about her, but nobody really knows why, what the deets are, and what is going on in her life. Amazing how much press someone can get when they know none of the facts. Here are the facts that we know about Jennifer’s current situation. Work wise, she’s just released ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ and guest starred on 30-Rock. But it’s not her work that has people talking. It’s her personal life. Which brings us to the next fact. A short but steamy three month relationship over the summer with sexy crooner, and well-know player, John Mayer. The relationship ended abruptly. And it was ugly. And there was no secret that Jennifer was not that tickled to find out that he beat the press bandwagon to a pulp letting us all know that it wasn’t HIS fault. We saw Jennifer smile with grace, perform some retail therapy, and basically shrug the whole thing off. So why oh why were we surprised with the news that they were back on again, and just as steamy as before? In the blink of an eye they were spotted touting much PDA and schmoopsy poo moments all over Hollywood. So this is our first myth. Jennifer and John are back together. Then we heard that they were hot and heavy again because Jennifer found out shortly after the breakup that she was carrying John’s child and they were thus reunited. Myth 2, the Maybe Baby between Player Mayer and Jennifer Aniston. Then we found out that Jennifer was spotted with Gerard Butler. Recently, and more than once at the Tower Bar in West Hollywood. At the same time, John John has given up his bachelor pad in Pacific Palisades, to live in a room at the Beverly Hills Hotel, one of Jennifer’s fave hang spots. Myth 3, Jennifer and John are not back together, and Jennifer is ‘playing the field’. Which of the above myths is fact or fiction? We don’t know, and that is Jennifer’s biggest key to success, she doesn’t want us to know. Hmmm.....Is Jennifer playing hardball with John to teach him a lesson? Is she going to give in? Or is she going to pull the ‘oops, sorry, just not that into you...’hellloooo Gerard. Or anyone. She can certainly have her pick. One thing is for sure. The fact that we don’t know much about anything is not going to change any time soon. Why would she dish NOW when NOT doing so is going so well for her?


i hope she builds a family soon and more babies
Anniston is a very classy fine lady, which some women admired, she has high standards moral, down earth, she is a women with a real heart.
who cares it is her buisness

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