Is Lilo Above the Law?
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Lindsay at Diesel 30th Anniversary

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Yep, this is just one of those stories that keeps recycling and’s regurgitating itself over and over again like a bad ham sandwich. But when you have a rap sheet, a myriad of sponsors from your three rehab stints, and a few totalled cars on your insurance record, you have to know that celebrity or no, these things will come back to haunt you. Let’s rewind oh, bout a year and change and take everyone back to those hot hazy days of the summer of 2007. We’ll start with July 22nd, and this was the day that Lindsay found herself involved in a high-speed chase through Los Angeles. This rampage was of course coke fuelled and there are many variables to the incident. There is the coke enhanced drag racing, some racist slurs, some laughing in the face of death, and oh yes, the ever popular ‘don’t you know who I am?’ card that was played as a trump in the final hours of the event. The three guys that were involved with Lindsay at the time, known as Ronnie Blake, Jakon Sutter, and Dante Nigro, are now suing Lindsay for damages on grounds that well, are unclear leading me to think that they’re suing because she’s a celebrity. The boys were in the SUV at the time, so it’s not like they are even suing for damages to their own vehicle. But racial profiling and Lilo using her celebrity status to get out of the charges are actually listed in the lawsuit. To me, the drag racing via coke cocktail sounds more criminal to me than acting all A-list or hurting someone’s feelings. Dante and Jakon are listed in the lawsuit as being vocal about asking her to slow down, saying that she was endangering their lives, and that she was going to kill them. But she didn’t listen. Her response the night in question was abusive cursing and a statement to the fact that she didn’t care about the risk of death. And let’s remember that it was the boys that are suing her that are making these statements about her. Let us also not forget that she WAS high....And onto the racial slur. When the police became involved finally, she was asked who was driving. To which she responded ‘the black kid’. And of course the boys are ‘like, yeah right...she was driving’. But now they’re ticked because she said at the time she was a celebrity that could do whatever she wanted. And so they’re suing her because well, I guess they don’t like that attitude. The legal team for the Lilo camp expects this to wash away with the tide....

"The guys had the night of their lives, playing with the radio and leaving the vehicle at one point and getting back in… "

Well, of course they had the night of their lives, because they keep reliving it and expect to cash in on it. Phew boy. Is Lilo really above the law? Well, we all know that her stint in prison from said (and other) offenses was shorter than the dry time on a manicure. However, she is not alone there. Just ask Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Khloe Kardashian. Uh huh. It’s not just her. But when you get in messes as big as this one, you can expect them to regurgitate for some time. I’m sure someone will be suing Paris next.

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