Its the Big D for Mr. and Mrs. Madonna
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Madonna Divorced

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Madonna and Guy Ritchie are seen here at the UK Premiere of Guy’s latest work ‘RocknRolla’ and I guess they are smiling pretty and faking it till they make it for the cameras, because it was barely weeks after this was taken that the couple finally confirmed their divorce. Yes, rumors have been swirling for this couple for many many moons, and just this past July their reps said no way to the ivorce-day. However, it is official and divorce is imminent. So imminent in fact that the couple hopes to be divorced by Christmas, which leads one to believe this divorce has been in the works for quite some time. But until they could make the official word, they had to smile and look pretty for the cameras and act like they were the happiest people in the world. Given that they both have entertainment talent, guess the acting wasn’t that hard after all. After 8 years of marriage, the two have accumulated approximately $525 million dollars in marital assets, and two children as well, Rocco who is 8, and their adopted son David who is 2. A lot of speculation has surrounded this divorce, and even though it is just NOW official, we’ve kind of all seen this coming. There was some heated discussion this summer that a divorce was pending after some allegations between Madonna and alleged lover and Yankee Alex Rodriguez hit the fan, but sources are saying this has nothing to do with the split. In fact, Madonna has been eager to adopt another child, and Guy has put his foot down on the issue and this is the largest component of the dissolution of their marriage. And in turn, it has gotten much uglier than we thought. And the ugliness I am guessing has just begun, what with a $525 million dollar asset base to hash out. The couple have not been able to be civil to each other at all, and though they were fantastic parents individually, they simply could not live with (i.e. stand the sight of) each other any more and finally put an end to the madness. Initially, they were going to wait until the end of Madonna’s tour to announce the split, a wait that would have gone into next year, but I guess the ugly just got too ugly and a series of fights swam around Guy’s 40th birthday last month that were so bad the end just became the end. The divorce has shaken both of them, but again, this headline is such a high profile one due to the large finances they are dealing with. The bulk of the $525 million is said to be Madonna’s input into the marriage, with approximately $35 million of that being Ritchie’s. Rumors are already starting that Guy will be expecting approximately $308 million of that in his settlement as there is no pre-nuptial agreement in place. Part of the settlement includes homes in New York, Los Angeles, Wiltshire, and London, and who knows what will land where at the end of the day. In the meantime, Guy is getting antsy, as with his marriage to Madonna dissolving, his career may be as well. RockNRolla itself is not being met favourably, and his chances of getting jobs due to his link with such a high profile name are dwindling. Now that his days of Mr. Madonna are over….well, once the headlines clear the air and they go on their separate ways, so too may his career be. Time will tell, but if the McCartney divorce is any example, this will get much MUCH worse before it gets any better.



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