Angelina Jolie Comes Out of Hiding
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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

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Well the long awaited moment has arrived. Until this week, the last we saw of Angelina Jolie in an official capacity was when she attended the Cannes Film Festival to promote her newest movie ‘Changeling’. This last appearance was in May, and only weeks before she gave birth to her twins. Since then she has been doing the post-partum thing, recovering, and taking care of her not so little brood of six Pittlets. This week however, it was back to work for Angelina, as she came to New York for the premiere of the same movie ‘Changeling’ as directed by mega-star Clint Eastwood. And she looks as beautiful as ever doesn’t she? Mind you, she is still in post-pregnancy form, given that she DID have twins and is breastfeeding, but even so, many new moms would do anything to look as fabulous as she does. Angelina debuted not only her movie, and her new figure, but also two new tattoos to mark significance of her two new babies. She has rows of tattoos on her left arm that signify the geographical locations in longitude and latitude form for the birth places of each of her children. And two new sets of co-ordinates were on display this evening, for babies Vivienne and Knox, while Angelina shone in a gorgeous Versace gown, shoes by Sergio Rossi, and pearl earrings and ring by Mikimoto. When she was asked about what it felt like to finally be back in the spotlight, she did admit to some nerves, saying that it felt a little strange after being out of it for so long. But the director of her latest hit, Clint Eastwood, says she handles it all like a pro. And, given that Mr. Eastwood has more than a few Oscars to dust, and has seen the glory of the seat on the top of the box-office charts, that is ONE heckuva compliment. This man knows his movies, and his A-listers, and says he has nothing but admiration for Angelina.

"She is a great talent, and it would be easy to overlook that (with her beauty), except after seeing this you realize that she is this great, talented person."

Yes, it is easy to overlook Angelina, as she has always been the subject of much criticism in the press so maybe with a little kudos from the great Clint people will ease up on her. However, it will be very interesting to see how this collaboration with one of the greatest actors/directors of all time works out. Nothing less than outstanding I am guessing, and though I have yet to even see the movie yet, I would suspect you might see Angelina and/or Clint on the nominee list come golden statue time. The movie itself is a thriller, and is the true story of a mom whose son is returned after a kidnapping, and she later finds out that the boy isn’t her son. Sounds amazing, just from the credit list thus far, so I don’t think we will be disappointed. And while Angelina has suffered some depression rumors, a box office hit may be just what she needs to keep that pretty smile going. And I think, even the sceptics are looking forward to that.


I love Angei,she great.
just me10-28-2008
her beauty is inside as well as outside
who cares

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